Spiders in Singapore


This week I started a short postdoc with Professor Daiqin Li‘s Spider lab at NUS – through until the end of July 2017. The lab focuses on the visual ecology of many different species of tropical jumping spiders and their multi-modal communication in social interactions. Having never worked on spiders before, I’m excited about such a cool new learning opportunity – and all the super interesting research underway in the lab.

My husband, Hugh, and I moved over at the end of November and so far Singapore has just just been spectacular for us.  We love the climate, the efficient public transport, the amazing food and the diverse local wildlife. We have a very long list of things we’re going to check out while here – and that doesn’t even include trips beyond the peninsula. I’ll attempt to mention a few of the best things we get up to while here, as well posting updates on some recent research and things underway – so check back if you’re interested.

The other day Hugh (above) went for a walk in a park about 10 minutes from our apartment and found these cheeky fellows on the trees! I’m beside myself with excitement.

Draco sumatranus at Kent Ridge Park (photo Seshadri, K.S.)


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